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Patent & Trade Mark Attorneys

Sanderson & Co. offers a wide range of IP services, from IP advice and research through to the establishment of rights such as patents, trademarks, design, copyright and domain names. We also assist with the enforcement and licensing of Intellectual Property rights.

We specialise in efficiently managing portfolios of IP rights. Our clients range from multi-nationals to SMEs and individuals.

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A patent is a legal right granted by the state that gives you or your company the exclusive right to exploit a new invention.

Patents are very important as they protect your investment in innovation or market share.

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Trade Marks

A trade mark is any sign, word or symbol, capable of being represented graphically that distinguishes the goods or services of one trader from those of another.

We can ensure your trade marks are protected and take action if your rights are infringed.

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Registered Designs

If you think your product has a look that everyone will want, or which adds value in other ways, you could be at risk of having it copied.

Registering your design will protect the look of its physical form or features and enables you to take action against imitation and copying.

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Copyright is the intellectual property right that protects your own original artistic or literary work, or that of your company, from being copied.

If you or your company have produced an original work on which you wish to capitalise, then copyright protection may well be able to prevent the theft of your efforts.

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