Is it possible to protect early-stage creative output? A new IP collaboration aims to find a way…

Is it possible to protect early-stage creative output? A new IP collaboration aims to find a way…
April 25, 2013 sandersons

On 22nd April 2013 Sanderson & Co attended the inaugural meeting of the IP Innovation Fund at the British Library in London.

brain_cogs_smallWe are proud to be one of 30 UK IP law firms who have now united behind IP Innovation Fund to focus on early-stage entry into the IP system for creators of all types.  The launch of the IPIF has been led by Creative Barcode and Innovation Bank in response to the UK IP Review, Hargreaves recommendations, and the (Richard) Hooper Stage 1 report.   The aim of the IPIF is to discuss, develop and work toward ways of helping creators, of all types, to enter the intellectual property system at an earlier stage than they currently do.

“In the digital age the IP issues have become far more confused and complex where most internet users do not understand the difference between free to access, free to view and that of free or paid or permission based download and use of copyright works published online” commented Maxine Horn, CEO, Creative Barcode.

Protection of concepts and safe disclosure

It is essential that creators feel confident that they can have safe conversations with third parties at the beginning of the design process. Of particular interest is how early-stage concepts are protected allowing them to develop further and potentially lead to patent applications, registered designs or copyright registration and the commercialisation of that IP.

Caroline Ward from Sanderson & Co says, “We look forward to seeing the progress that is made by the IPIF, but it is vitally important to consider whether it is possible to obtain IP protection, and, if so, to apply for such protection before you disclose a concept; a public disclosure of your concept could prevent you from obtaining protection.”

For advice about IP protection please contact Caroline Ward.

For further information about the IP Innovation Fund please contact Maxine J Horn, CEO Creative Barcode.