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Branding is big business, especially for a company like Colchester patent attorneys Sanderson &Co.

In the past five years the company has seen this side of its business grow extensively with more and more companies eager to make their own brand, logo or trade mark safe from their competitors.

Large companies and multi nationals have always known the value of their brands. From Coca Cola to BT their logos, shapes, colours and taglines are instantly recognised and trusted by the masses; but small businesses too are now catching on to the benefits a strong brand can have.

Partner James Sanderson, one of the 15-strong team at Sanderson & Co., explained: “The value of a strong brand should never be underestimated and the goodwill it provokes can even be factored into the assets of the company. Rowntree was bought by Nestle for £2.5 billion, of which £2 billion was for the goodwill in the trade marks such as Kit Kat.”

A strong brand is a company’s identity and if the company continues to live up to the promises it makes, the brand becomes trusted by the public.

Partner Francis Gillam, who has been with the company for more than 30 years, explained: “Companies are more aware of intellectual property than ever before, which is why we have seen an upturn in this side of our business.”

Registration of trade marks is only possible if the marks are distinctive, neither confusing nor deceptive and do not infringe rights in someone else’s registered marks.  And thanks to Sanderson’s capacity to work abroad, they are also able to protect your marks for safe trade outside the UK.

“Copyright is another example of intellectual property that people have become increasingly aware of,” says Jerry Walder, a partner at Sanderson & Co.

“It’s a vast, complex area of law intended to protect original artistic works. For those that think they have the next Harry Potter on their hands it can be high on their list of priorities.”

Sanderson & Co. was established by James’ father Laurie in 1956. Its proximity to major seaports and Stansted airport has also meant that the company has established many international contacts particularly in Eastern Europe and the Far East as well as USA, Japan and Australia.

Sanderson & Co. handles everything from patents and trade marks to designs, copyright and searching and prides itself in working with companies to find a solution that suits and is affordable.


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