Golden anniversary for Sanderson & Co.


Sanderson & Co. celebrate 50 years of Patent & Trade mark Excellence

Pictured left to right are Sanderson Partners James Sanderson, Francis Gillam and Jerry Walder.

Colchester-based patent and trade mark attorneys Sanderson & Co. have notched up 50 golden years in business.

When the firm was started by the late Laurie Sanderson in 1956 the UK was in the grip of the Suez Crisis; Sir Anthony Eden was the British prime minister, and The King and I was a box-office hit.

In its half a century of trading, Sanderson & Co. has dealt with a vast array of innovations ranging from a simple wire stripper sold in DIY stores to the more unusual inventions such as Carcoon, a protective air bubble cocoon in which to keep valuable cars or motorcycles.

Big brand name clients include the likes of clothing designer Ted Baker, First Choice holidays and handbag designer Anya Hindmarch.

Many ideas have reaped riches for their inventors. But none of the inventions the world knows today would have become the successes they have without the services of patent and trade mark attorneys such as Sanderson & Co.

The firm advises and assists in all national and international intellectual property matters, including patents, trade marks, copyright and designs for clients in the UK, Europe, and worldwide.

Its clients range from individual inventors, small and medium-sized enterprises, to large global corporations; from the engineering, pharmaceutical and electronics sectors to retail and leisure, plus a whole host of others.

Francis Gillam, one of the firm’s three partners who has been with yhe business for more than 30 years, said: “A key objective of the firm is to ensure clients are given the right advice to make their intellectual property protection watertight. We enjoy an excellent success rate in achieving this.”

Laurie’s son, James, who is also a partner in the business, added: “But let’s not forget trade marks. Branding is everything to a company that has built up a good reputation trading on a name.

“They will go to great lengths to protect their brand from someone else who might try to muscle in on their market with a similar name and we are there to help.”

Jerry Walder, who was made a partner last year at the firm’s East Stockwell Street offices, said: “It’s a great job to be in. Every day can be different and it’s good to be part of such a highly regarded organisation.”


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