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Biotech International

"Since dealing with Sanderson & Co we have found their professionalism and advice to be excellent and would not hesitate to recommend them to others needing similar services."
Ian Heard

Biotech International (a wholly owned subsidiary of Biocide International PLC), based in London, specialises in the research and development of products designed to combat:

  • Pathogens (both airborne and surface) such as bacteria and viruses
  • Various disease-carrying insects including mosquitoes (the main malaria vector)

The products that have been produced as a result of this research are incorporated under the brand names of Mozzi-mort and Envirocair.

As a global concern and with products clearly much in demand it was imperative to Biotech that they ensure the maximum protection for their trademarks and as so engaged Sanderson & Co to ensure that this was undertaken. We have worked with them on numerous trademark registrations across the globe and have developed an extremely good relationship with the team.

In addition to trademark work we have also been involved in the patent applications processes which they also need to undertake.


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